Drought-Tolerant Lawns

California’s drought condition isn’t something that’s going away soon and the government has been setting even more restrictions on residential water usage. Outdoor landscaping and gardening is the single largest use of water in typical California homes. In most yards, the lawns consume the most water.

One of the most effective ways of cutting down water usage is to either reduce or eliminate the grass lawns you have in your landscaping. Not only will this have a significant impact on the state’s water consumption, but will help reduce your water bills too.

With the drought condition in view, owning lawns may seem like a distant dream for any homeowner. But we at Quality Landscape Construction Inc. feel this needn’t be the case. With over 30 years of experience behind us, we provide drought-resistant lawn solutions whichwill give you a feature that adds to the aesthetics and value of your home.

We have built a very strong client base in Visalia, Tulare, and Hanford, and have successfully completed projects for clients in Lindsay, Exeter, Kingsburg, as well as Goshen. We also have a number of new and repeat customers coming in from Corcoran, Lemoore, Strathmore and the surrounding areas. Here are some of the solutions we offer clients that are looking for a residential drought-tolerant lawn features:

Drought-Tolerant Ground cover

One of the common solutions is to install drought-tolerant options on your lawns. The different groundcover varieties include:

  • Dymondia Margaretae - This is also commonly known as Silver Carpet. It is a slow-spreading, perennial groundcover with tiny yellow flowres (in the summertime) that is ideal for the drought seasons experienced in California today.

  • Yarrow - This flowering plant helps create feathery lawns with tiny white flowers (in the summertime). But this ground cover isn’t very dense and can’t endure much foot traffic. The plant grows well in loamy, sandy soil.

  • Verde Buffalo Grass - This is an excellent drought-resistant grass that can help reduce the water consumption of your landscape by at least 75%. We generally install this grass between March and August.

  • Blue Grama - This is a low-maintenance, warm-season perennial that grows well in both sandy loam soils as well as clay soils. It can thrive as long as it receives sufficient sunlight and isn’t exposed to excessive foot traffic.

Custom Drought-Resistant Lawns

The other way to reduce the water consumption of your landscape in to intersperse the lawn areas with pavers/stone slabs to create a patterned lawn. We can also install dry creek beds consisting of river rocks and boulders of different sizes. Many of our customers are also opting for lawn replacements like decomposed granite & river cobble.

While these solutions can help save water, they also reduce the maintenance requirements of the landscape. We use the best materials and workmanship in our projects and make sure you get lawns that add to the beauty and sustainability of your landscape.

For any more information about drought-tolerant lawn installations or any of our other services, feel free to call Quality Landscape Construction Inc. 559-733-1388. You can also send us your project details via this Online Form or request for a free consultation and estimate or references via this form and we will call you promptly.

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Drought Tolerant Lawn
A drought tolerant lawn using bark and ground cover
Drought Tolerant Lawn
A dry creek bed consisting of various sizes of river rocks and boulders
Drought Tolerant Lawn
Lawn replaced by decomposed granite (DG) and river cobbles